Offering a first-class service to customers is the key success factor in B2C, no matter if a customer is buying online or offline. Manufactures need to support their own B2B customers to fulfill this first-class service by being a supplier who offers very good products in a smart, quick, easy and reliable way – from the order to the delivery and the invoice as well as to the after-sales services.

For this, EDIWheel offers:

  • a system where a B2B customer can find any up-to-date product and marketing information about tires
  • real-time information about availability and delivery times
  • the opportunity to place an order and get confirmation in real-time
  • delivery status for one or more orders
  • Invoicing data exchange

EDIWheel is respecting legal aspects, governmental requirements and internal organization and procedures.

The EDIWheel solutions have been offered for more than 20 years within the European tire business and for a couple of years even world wide. On this webpage, you can find the documentation of the different EDI solutions for the tire replacement market.

EDIWheel is based on two different types of technologies:


Is a synchronous (on-line) connection between customer’s and supplier’s software/system/ERP.
The connection is using HTTP(s) protocols.
It is a proprietary format within the EDIWheel standard and is using XML as defined structure and data format.


Traditional EDI

Is a asynchronous (batch) connection between customer’s and supplier’s software/system/ERP.The files are sent in different file transfer/communication protocols.
It is using EDIFACT, CSV and XML as defined structure and data format.

Data Process Flow

General Data and Goods flow within the EDIWheel standards.


Using the correct and updated master data is the key of success for electronical business.


Synchronous Messages for Tire Trade.

Traditional EDI

Asynchronous Messages for Tire Trade.

Key Words


Is the unified and commonly agreed EDI standard for the business integration between tire manufacturers and customers. It is supported by all major tire manufacturers (see: Participants).
The standard has been mainly used in the European area but in the meantime some manufacturers offer it around the globe.


Enterprise Resource Planning is a business management software which integrates business processes of a company, e.g. Supply Chain, Procurement, Human Resources and Finance.

Replacement Market

The standard is meant to be used in the replacement market (NON OEM companies).


Customers are users of the standard and can be tire dealers, tire wholesalers, retail and car dealer chains.

Software Provider

Software providers offer IT solutions and software (e.g. ERP) for tire customers where the EDIWheel standard is part of the tools or can be added as application.


Suppliers are the tire manufacturers who sell tires to customers.